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System Introduction

Entrance name Entrance location Entrance screenshot Entrance description
Santo Top left of the main interface Click the entrance to the main system interface
Territorial power Top left of the main interface Enter the territory power interface
Each currency exchange entranceAbove the main interface Enter the silver coin, gold coin, exchange interface and recharge interface
Novice protection Above the main interface Enter the novice protection interface
Decree Top right of the main interface Enter the decree purchase interface
Recharge Top right of the main interface Click the entrance to open the recharge system interface
Land The left side of the main interface Click to enter the land screening interface
Maps The left side of the main interface Click the entrance to enter the map system interface
Buddy / Friends The left side of the main interface Click on the entrance to expand the friend system interface
Battle report The left side of the main interface Click the entrance to open the battle report system interface
Mailbox The bottom left of the main interface Click the entry to open the mailbox system interface
To chat with The left side of the main interface Click the entrance to enter the chat system interface
Alliance The bottom left of the main interface Click on the entrance to enter the alliance system interface
Leaderboard The bottom left of the main interface Click the entrance to open the leaderboard system interface
Hero Recruitment Below the main interface Click the entrance to expand the hero system interface
Task Below the main interface Click the entrance to open the task system interface
Skill Below the main interface Click the entrance to open the skill system interface
More features Below the main interface Click on the entrance to start trial, setting, dominance, warehouse

Role Information System Entry

Click on the avatar on the main interface of the game

1 - Achievement system: showing the progress of the player's achievement completion, achievement completion status and achievement reward content

Reward entrance Click to enter the detailed introduction interface of the achievement
Achievement detailed introduction interface Show the completion conditions, progress and rewards of the achievement

2 - Click on the tab of each achievement type to switch the list of achievements of each type. 3 - Display the basic information of the role: regional characteristics, achievement value, completion progress of various types of achievements, personal introduction.

Rename The entrance for the player to change the name
Prompt Rename prompt message
Player rename Renamed interface
Regional characteristics The attribute bonus corresponding to the different birth continents of the player
Achievement value The total achievement value corresponding to the player completing the achievement
campaign Completion progress of battle type achievements
internal affairs​ Completion progress of internal affairs type achievements​
Development rate Completion progress of development type achievements
Siege rate Completion progress of siege type achievements
Self introduction Player's personal introduction

Entrance of Territory Forces

Reputation Shows the player’s current reputation, and the upper limit of territory is increased by 1 per 100 reputation points
Territory Display the player's current upper limit of territory and the number of occupied territories
Power value Show the player's current power value
Total timber production Current player's total wood production
Total output of copper coinsCurrent player's total output of copper coins
Total stone output Current player's total stone output
Total iron ore output Current player's total iron ore output
Total grain output Current player's total food production
Details Click the details button to enter the territory interface

Currency exchange entrance

Click on the silver coin to get the entrance

Item name silver
Owned The number of the item owned by the player
How to obtain the item Click the Go button to go to the corresponding system to obtain silver coins.

Click to enter the recharge interface

Click to enter the currency exchange interface

Current diamond The player’s current food intake of diamonds
Number of exchanges Players can set the amount of gold coins exchanged by themselves
Get gold coins​ Gold coins obtained by the player through exchange
Exchange ratio The exchange ratio of diamonds to gold coins is 1:1
Redeem button After the player sets the redemption quantity, complete the redemption through the redemption button

Novice protects the entrance

Click the button entry to enter the novice protection interface

24 hours protection Will not be attacked or captured by other players during the protection period
Action consumes energy Expends energy when the troops act
Serious injury time When the military commander’s strength is 0, he will enter the severely injured state. The severely injured state cannot perform any command operations.
Resource occupation time It takes a certain amount of time to occupy the resource land
Severe injury resource return During the troop's novice period, the generals who are seriously injured will return certain resources
48 hours protection Novice protection time
Forgotten hero skills return ratio of skill points There will be a certain loss of skill points for hero forgetting skills
Remove hero force When the hero gets out of battle, the hero's force will be removed
Conquering the territory of novice players consumes energyThe energy consumed by occupying other players’ territories
Novice war-free protection Novice protection cannot be attacked by other players
Join the alliance cooldown Cooldown for joining the alliance

Function open preview

Entrance to the government order system

Click on the entrance of the government order system to enter the government order purchase interface

Government order Introduce all uses of government orders
Decree obtained How to obtain government orders
Currently owns The number of decrees the player currently has
Automatic recovery Show the countdown to the next decree reply
Purchase consumption The number of gold coins consumed for each decree purchase
Number of purchases Maximum number of purchases per day
Buy button Click the purchase button to pop up the purchase prompt interface

Recharge system entrance

Select [Recharge] on the main interface of the game

(1)Recharge is divided into buying monthly card and buying diamonds

(2)Monthly cards are divided into ordinary monthly cards and super monthly cards. If you purchase a monthly card, you will get diamonds immediately, and then you can receive a certain number of diamonds every day for the next 30 days. Players can purchase both a super monthly card and a normal monthly card at the same time;

(3)Repeated purchase of the same monthly card will only extend the number of days to obtain diamonds per day, and cannot be stacked

(4)The purchase of diamonds is divided into 6 gears. For the first time buying diamonds in a certain gear, you can get the same amount of diamonds.

Land system entrance

Click the button to pop up the land search interface

1) According to check the corresponding land category and land grade, the corresponding mark will be displayed on the map, as shown in the figure below

Map system entrance

Map system entrance

(1)The map can view the overview of the sand table model and the specific distribution of the city

(2)The map is divided into world map and state map mode. The current map mode is determined by adjusting the slide bar on the right side up and down to zoom in or out of the map.

(3)Click on a different state to directly enter the state map mode showing that state

(4)In the world map mode, the location of the level connecting the core cities of all states and the states will be marked on the map

(5)At the bottom right, you can enter the coordinates of the plot, which will change the position of the cursor on the map. Click Go to quickly locate the big world sand table

(1)The world map mode can be directly displayed by pulling the scale of the right slider to the top

(2)In the world map mode, the city pagination list shows the central city of all states and the interconnected levels between the states. Click to move the cursor to that position

(3)In the world map mode, the pagination list of buildings shows that all the buildings and alliances in the world occupy all the cities in the world.

(4)In the world map mode, the tabbed list of markers displays all the marker positions of oneself in the world and all the marker positions of the alliance in the world

(1)The state map can be zoomed by adjusting the slider on the right

(2)The pagination list of cities in the state map mode shows all the districts in the state and all the cities in the district

(3)In the state map mode, the building pagination list shows the buildings used in the state and the cities occupied by the alliance in the state.

(4)In the state map mode, the tabbed list of markers displays the position of the marker in the state and the marker position of the alliance in the state.

(1)Click [Troop Information] to open or close the list of all troops on the left

(2)The troop information list on the left shows the status and location coordinates of the troop

(3)Click on the troop on the left to expand the details of the troop. You can view the avatar of the troop’s chief general, arms, troop strength, physical strength, and morale.

1) Legend: You can see the meaning of each icon displayed on the map on this interface

Buddy system entrance

Select [Friends] on the main interface

(1)Friends List

  1. (1)The friend list shows the friends you own and displays the information of your friends
  1. (2)Click on the friend to operate the friend [View details] [Delete friend] [Add blacklist] [Copy number]

(2)Friend invitation

  1. 1 - The interface will display two tabs, “Friend Request” and “Group Invitation”.
  1. 2 - Click [Accept] to add the player to the friend list, click [Reject] to delete the player from the application list

(3)Friends lookup

Click [Find]

  1. 1. - Enter the player’s nickname or number, click [Search], and the list of related players will be displayed below
  2. 2. - Can perform [add friend] operation on players

(1)Recent list

  1. (1)The recent list shows all players who are not friends and blacklisted players who have sent messages to themselves, and can chat with them
  1. (2)Click on the player to perform operations on the player [View details] [Add as a friend] [Add blacklist] [Alliance invitation] (if you have the permission to invite players to join the alliance) [Copy number]

(1)Group list

- 1.Display a list of all groups that the player has joined - 2.Click the name of each group to switch the chat history in the group on the right - 3.Click “!” to pop up buttons such as [Dissolve Group] [Edit Group Member] [Message Do Not Disturb] [View Group Members] etc. - 4.Disband group: - 1.Only the person who created the group has this option

  1. 2.After disbanding the group, all members of the group will disappear
  • Edit group members: remove and invite members in the group
  • Message Do Not Disturb: Block messages from this group
  • View group members: View the list of all members in the group.

Create a group

  1. 1.You can enter the name of the group yourself when creating
  2. 2.The list of members invited to join the group is shown on the left
  3. 3.A list of players who can be invited to join the group is displayed on the right
  4. 4.The player list displayed on the right contains members from the two systems [Recent] and [Friends].
  5. 5.Click [OK to edit] to create the group successfully.

Battle Report System Entrance

Select [War Report] on the main interface

The battle report system reports the battle process and results of the player's battle

If the player has a new unread report, the corresponding unread number will be displayed on the icon on the main interface

  1. 1.Distinguish between investigative and combat reports in battle reports
  2. 2.The combat report is divided into the pioneering report (PVE) and the combat report (PVP).
  3. 3.Players can collect designated battle reports and store them in the collection category
  4. 4.Click on the battle report to view the details of the battle report
  5. 5.Click the [All] button

Filter the battle reports in the current tab through the options of all, offense, defense, and troops

  1. 6.[Mark all as read] Click the button to mark all unread reports as read.

  • After scouting the plot, you can see the reconnaissance battle report in the battle report list
  • The reconnaissance report will display the detailed information of the defender of the target plot, the hero, level, unit, force, and skill of the defender
  • In the details of the investigation report, you can click on the hero's portrait to view the hero's detailed information

  1. 1.After the troops have battled, you can view the battle report in the battle report list
  1. 2.The battle report can be collected and viewed separately in the collection category
  1. 3.Click [Battle Report Location] to quickly go to the coordinate position of the battle in the sand table world
  1. 4.Click [Battle Replay] to view the replay video of the battle

  1. 5.The detailed page of the battle report, displaying information about the heroes of both sides
  1. 6.The battle report details page, showing the text description of the battle process

  1. 7.The battle report statistics page, showing the forces defeated and lost by the two sides

Mailbox system entrance

Select [Mailbox] on the main interface of the game

  1. 1.The mail interface is divided into four tabs: law, country, group, and system.
  2. 2.Only the leader, deputy leader, and commander can issue the decree tab.
  3. 3.The statutory information is similar to the alliance announcement, and all members who join the alliance can see it.

  1. 1.Alliance information will only be sent to all members in the current alliance

  1. 1.Group information will only be sent to all members in the current group
  2. 2.System mail generally displays information such as changes in official positions within the alliance, changes in relations with other alliances, and official mail.

Chat system entrance

Select [Chat window] on the main interface of the game

  1. 1.There are 5 channels for chatting: World, Honshu, League, System and Group Channel
  1. 2.In the world channel, players can communicate with all players in the world
  1. 3.In this state channel, players can communicate with all players in the state where the player is located
  1. 4.In the alliance channel, players can communicate with all players in the alliance where the player belongs
  1. 5.The system channel generally displays some system prompt information related to the player.
  1. 6.Select another player and click on the player’s profile picture to perform operations [Initiate a chat] [View details] [Add\Remove friends] (depending on whether the target is your own friend) [Add blacklist] [Copy number]

Alliance system entrance

  1. 1.Alliance creation and joining

  • 1.Alliance creation needs to meet 2 conditions before it can be created, and creation requires 500 diamonds
  • 2.Players can only join an alliance created in the player’s state. If you need to join an alliance in another state, you need to occupy a city in the player’s state.
  1. 2.Alliance main interface

^function points |Screenshots |Description |

League name The name of the league
Alliance experience The experience value of the alliance can be obtained through member donations. After the experience value reaches the upper limit, the alliance level will be increased
League level The alliance level can be increased by gaining experience points. After the alliance level is increased, the upper limit of the number of alliances and the upper limit of alliance resources will be expanded.
Leader Display the name of the leader player of the alliance
Number of leagues The current number of alliances and the maximum number of alliances, the maximum number of alliances can be reached by increasing the alliance level
Union State The name of the state where the alliance was created
Alliance power value The power value of the alliance will change with the power value of the alliance members and the city occupied by the alliance
Number of occupied cities Cities occupied by the Alliance
position Positions held by players in the league
Alliance Resources The resources owned by the alliance can be increased through member donations, and the upper limit of resources increases as the alliance level increases
Union Technology Alliance Technology entrance, click to open the Alliance Technology interface
Alliance member The member entrance of the alliance, click to open the member list interface
Alliance forces The alliance force entrance, click to open the alliance force interface
Alliance diplomatic relations The diplomatic relations entrance of the alliance, click to open the member diplomacy interface
Alliance donation The entrance of the alliance donation, click to open the alliance resource donation interface
Alliance bonus The entrance to the alliance bonus, click to open the alliance bonus interface
  1. 3.Alliance donation

  • The bottom left shows the current status of alliance resources
  • Players can donate the four resources they own, wood, stone, grain, and iron ore. Donations can be 1:1 converted into alliance wood, alliance stone, alliance food, alliance iron ore
  • The player determines the number of resources donated by sliding the four resource sliders on the right, and click [Confirm Donation] to complete the donation operation
  • By donating resources, the alliance can gain alliance experience. For every 100 points of resources donated by the player, 1 point of alliance experience will be gained.
  1. 4.Alliance bonus

  • Display the detailed information of the resource bonus of the alliance to the members
  • The attributes of the alliance bonus are related to the alliance level. The higher the alliance level, the more resource output bonuses.
  • City bonus: Shows the bonus attributes of neutral cities occupied by the alliance.
  • The more neutral cities the alliance occupies, the more the bonuses corresponding to the cities increase.
  1. 5.Union Technology

  1. The technology of the alliance requires the alliance to reach the corresponding level before it can be unlocked.
  1. Unlocking the alliance technology requires the consumption of corresponding resources in the alliance.
  1. After studying the technology of the watchtower and the military music platform, the alliance technology built the corresponding buildings.
  • Watchtower: You can see the local army in the field of vision
  • Military Band: Restore the morale of nearby players' troops and wounded soldiers.
  1. 6.Alliance member
  • Member Tab

  • 1.Display the information of all members in the alliance, the name of the member, the member's power value, the member's combat experience, the member's donated resources, the member's contribution value, the member's area and coordinates, and the member's official status
  • 2.Click on the name of the member to open the member information details interface

  • 3.Click on the member's location to quickly go to the coordinate point in the big world
  • 4.Click the member operation bar to expand the operation of the member, and the leader can operate on the member [Promotion] [Release] [Remove Member] [Decrease Position
  • 5.The official positions of the alliance from big to small are the leader, the deputy leader, the commander, the diplomat, the official, and the ordinary member
  • 6.Click [Application List] to open the alliance application list interface
  • 7.Click [Jump] to quickly locate the player's own information

  • 1.All players who applied to join the league are shown in the list
  • 2.The leader and deputy leader can approve or reject the player to join the alliance
  • 3.Click [Close Application] to control whether the alliance can be applied by other players to join
  • 4.Click [Clear Application] to reject all players who applied to join
  • Group tab

  1. 1.On the comment tab, you can see all the broadcast lists in the alliance
  2. 2.The leader and deputy leader can perform the operations of [Dissolve the group] [Remove the leader] [appoint the leader]
  3. 3.Create group

  • The name of the group: the name of the group to be created
  • Members of this group: all members of this group after creation
  • Alliance members: A list of members in the alliance that are not in other groups
  • You can directly enter the player's name to search
  • Players in the group can drag to edit
  • Captive tab

  1. 1.Show all the captives in the league
  2. 2.Display the prisoner’s name, location, coordinates and other information
  3. 3.Click the captive's nickname to display player information.
  4. 4.Click on the coordinates to jump directly to the captive main city
  • Alliance diplomacy

  1. 1.The diplomatic relations interface of the alliance displays all alliances that have a friendly or hostile relationship with the alliance
  2. 2.The alliance diplomacy list shows the name of other alliances, alliance level, alliance power value, number of alliance members, alliance state, and relationship with the alliance
  3. 3.Click on the name of the alliance to open the main page of the alliance

  1. 4.Click [Settings], the leader can set up diplomatic relations with the alliance

  1. 5.The alliance has up to 3 friendly alliances
  2. 6.There can be no fighting between alliances that are friendly to each other
  3. 7.Click [Association Request] to open the Alliance Alliance Request UI
  4. 8.If you set up a neutral or hostile relationship with an alliance that is already friendly, the friendly relationship will be terminated. It will take 12 hours to terminate the friendly relationship. It cannot be canceled during this period.

  1. 1.Show the alliance that has applied for a friendly relationship with this alliance
  2. 2.Clicking [Reject] will not reach a friendly alliance with this alliance. Click [Agree] to form a friendly alliance with the alliance
  3. 3.Click [Empty Application] to reject all applications for forming a friendly alliance

Leaderboard system entrance

Select [More] on the main interface, and then select [Leaderboard]

  • 1.The left side shows the player’s own information, shows the player’s portrait, the player’s ranking, the player’s state, and the player’s power value
  • 2.The personal ranking tab will rank all players in descending order according to the power of all players. Players with a power value of 0 will not enter the leaderboard.
  • 3.The personal ranking tab can accommodate up to 300 players, and players who exceed them will not be on the list.

  • 4.The League Ranking tab displays the top 30 leagues in the current server, sorted by the level of alliance power.


Hero system entrance

Click the hero button to enter the hero interface.

  • 1.The hero interface displays all heroes owned by the player
  • 2.Click the filter button to pop up the filter pop-up window

① Players can sort the heroes on the current interface by categories such as rare, dominance, level, faction, and the same name. ②The generals in the interface can be filtered through options such as quality, suitability, camp, dominance, and type.

  • 3.Click on the hero's portrait to view the hero's details

  • 1.Hero level up to 50, can gain experience through battle
  • 2.The upper limit of the hero's stamina is 120. The hero's troops need to consume stamina to execute instructions. The stamina can be recovered naturally, and it will recover 1 point every 3 minutes.
  • 3.The hero has different adaptability to the 5 arms, which affects the attribute value gain when the hero leads the corresponding arms in the battle. Excellent: the attribute in battle is 120% of the basic attribute; good: the attribute in battle is 100% of the basic attribute; : The attribute during battle is 80% of the basic attribute; Poor: The attribute during battle is 60% of the basic attribute
  • 4.There are 6 basic attributes of a hero. For each level of the hero’s prompt, the attributes will increase according to the hero’s growth value.
  • 5.Each hero comes with a skill, click to display a detailed description of the skill, you can upgrade the skill, the upper limit of the skill level is 10

  • 6.When the hero is at level 5, you can learn the second skill. After the hero is at level 20 and learns its own skills to level 10, you can consume 2 heroes of the same quality to awaken, and the awakened hero can learn the third skill.
  • Entrance of Illustrated System

Click the picture book button to enter the picture book interface


  • 1.Display a list of all heroes in the system, and display the hero name, quality, suitability level of each unit, acquisition status, and dominance value


  • 1.Display the current hero's own skills and inheritable skills


  1. 1.Display the hero's bravery, strategy, physique, speed, internal affairs, charm and other attribute values

Mission system entrance

Click [Task] on the main interface of the game

Mainline tab

  • 1.This interface displays the main tasks of the player. Chapter rewards are obtained by completing the tasks in the chapters. After the chapters are completed, new chapters will be opened and new chapter tasks will be obtained
  • 2.Complete all tasks in the current chapter to receive chapter rewards
  • 3.Click [Receive] to get rewards for completed tasks
  • 4.Click [Receive] to get rewards for completed tasks

Branch tab

  • 1.Side quests will be unlocked gradually following the main quests, and rewards can be received after completing the side quests.


Recruitment system entrance

Select [Recruitment] on the main interface of the game

  • 1.The player obtains the source of heroes, and can recruit heroes by consuming diamonds or copper coins
  • 2.Celebrity draws are free of charge every 11.5 hours. After the free draws, a half-price draw is allowed
  • 3.Recruitment of famous generals can be recruited once or ten times
  • 4.Click on the character with the number of times to complete the dispatch and pop up the dispatch reward display interface
  • 5.Click [Silver coins to convert low-level heroes] to pop up an automatic conversion pop-up window

  1. 1.Automatic conversion: check the corresponding quality, the heroes with the corresponding quality will be automatically converted into skill points
  2. 2.Cost per card: It takes silver or gold coins to convert low-level heroes into skill points, and double the skill points gained by consuming gold coins.
  • 6.Click [Recruitable Hero Preview] to pop up the hero list interface

  • 7. Click the recruit button,

  • 1. Pop up the hero acquisition interface, showing the corresponding star, level, name and other information、
  • 2.Shows how many more recruits, epic and legendary heroes must be produced
  • 3.Click [Recruit 1 time] [Recruit 5 times] to recruit 1 and 5 heroes respectively.

Skill system entrance

Click [Skills] on the main interface

Skills main interface

  • 1.This interface displays all the skills, and the heroes can learn skills only after passing on them;
  • 2.Skills are divided into 3 states. Click the skill states below to filter the skills on the current tab:

Acquired: This skill has been passed down, and heroes can learn this skill

  Obtainable: The skill has not been inherited, but the player has a designated hero that can be passed down and needs to be consumed
  Unacquired: The skill has not been passed on and the player has not passed the specified heroes that need to be consumed for passing on the skill
* 3.Skills are divided into 7 types: command, active, assault, passive, arms, formation and internal affairs. Players can click on the corresponding tab to display the corresponding type of skills

Skill inheritance

Select the skills that have not been passed down, and click [Inherited Skills]

Skill inheritance needs to consume a designated inheritance hero and several material heroes. Select all the required materials and click the [Casting] button to inherit the skill.

Skill learning and upgrading

1.After the skill is successfully cast, the [Casting] button changes to [Learn]

2.Click the [Learn] button to enter the hero interface.

3.After the hero learns the skills, he can upgrade the skills in the hero details interface. The upgrade requires skill points

Skill point conversion

On the main skill interface, click [Skill Point Conversion] to open the skill point conversion interface

  • 1.Display the number of skill points currently owned by the player and the number of material cards in the current interface
  • 2.The heroes converted into skill points can be screened by stars and advanced heroes.

  • 3.Players can select the material cards for conversion, or click the Select All button to select all the filtered material cards.

  • 4.The conversion of skill points requires the conversion of heroes into skill points. The ability points obtained by converting heroes of different qualities are different.
Hero quality Conversion obtainable
1 star 5
2 stars 10
3 stars 20
4 stars 40
5 stars 80
  • 1.Transforming heroes can use silver coin transformation or gold coin transformation. Silver coin transformation can get a standard number of skill points, and gold coin transformation can get double the number of skill points.
  • 2.It takes 30 silver coins to convert a hero with silver coins, and 5 gold coins to convert a hero with gold coins.
  • 3.Only use gold coins to convert 100 heroes per day


Entrance to the government hall system

Select the main interface of the game【City Hall】

  • 1.Display player name, alliance, number, official position, influence, fame, territory, battle exploits and other information
  • 2.Click the Store, Trade, City Lord, Tax and Territory buttons to enter the corresponding interface.


  • 1.The store needs to achieve a rise in power before it can be unlocked
  • 2.The general supplies store can use resources to buy copper coins and skill points, and the munitions store uses war exploits and gold coins to buy props
  • 3.Ordinary supplies and munitions can be refreshed once a day in the store respectively. Refreshing will reset all items in the current store. Players can also use gold coins to refresh, limited to one time per day.
  • 4.Each item can only be purchased once.


  • 1.To unlock trade, you need to build buildings in the main city of the player [Trade Station]
  • 2.The player chooses trade on the left to consume resources, and chooses trade on the right to obtain resources. The two cannot be the same.
  • 3.Control the volume of trade by sliding the progress bar, exchange resources according to a certain ratio, and upgrade the trade station to increase the trade ratio
  • 4.The number of resources obtained by trade cannot exceed the upper limit of the warehouse to accommodate the resources
  • 5.Players can increase the proportion of resource trade by appointing trade officers


  • 1.Players can carry out operations such as relocation, closure and restart of their cities.
  • 2.Relocation: Click [Relocation] to pop up the introduction and operation interface of the relocation

  • 3.Closed city: Click [Closed city] to pop up the closed city introduction interface

  • 4.Restart: Click [Restart] to pop up the restart introduction interface

  • 5.Divided into


  • 1.Total collection: Shows the number of silver coins that the player collects each time
  • 2.City bonus: displays the output of silver coins in the player's main city and sub-city
  • 3.Bonus effect: displays the player’s city construction bonus, commission bonus, gold mine bonus and alchemy bonus.
  • 4.Silver coins can be collected once a day for free, and gold coins can be collected 3 times.
  • 5.Players can increase the output of silver coins by appointing tax officials.


  • 1.Click on the territory to display the land currently occupied by the player. The left side displays the detailed information of the land owned by the player, and the right side displays the type of land owned by the player;
  • 2.In the land details, you can give up land that is not in a war-free state.
  • 3.Click on the output to display the player’s current hourly output of copper coins, grain, wood, stone, and iron ore. Click on each resource to display the percentage of urban construction bonus and territory bonus on the right


Trial system entrance

Select [More] on the main interface of the game, and then select [Trial]. The trial system will not be unlocked until Chapter 6 of the main mission is completed.

Trial selection

  • 1.Trial difficulty selection interface, the difficulty is divided into: simple, ordinary, difficult, extremely difficult, nightmare
  • 2.Only clear trials of the previous difficulty will unlock the following trials.
  • 3.The displayed level of each difficulty test indicates that it is recommended to use the hero of that level for the corresponding test
  • 4.Only one difficulty can be selected for the trial every day, and it cannot be changed after the trial is selected.

Trial interface

  • 1.Each trial has 7 teams of guards, defeat the corresponding guards to get corresponding rewards
  • 2.Challenge rewards are related to the number of times the guards are challenged. Successfully cleared 3 times to get rewards*3, 5 times successfully cleared to get rewards*2, and more than 5 times successfully cleared to get rewards*1.
  • 3.Only after successfully clearing the current guard will the next guard be unlocked.

Guard details

Click on the guard’s avatar to enter the guard details interface


Set up system entrance

Select [More] on the main interface of the game, and then select [Settings]

Players can adjust multiple settings of the game according to how smoothly they run the game on their mobile phone to optimize the player’s gaming experience

Setting Options Option description
visual effect You can check and set the lowest, low, medium and high 4 different quality picture effects
Picture resolution You can check and set 3 different resolutions: low, medium, and high
Sound effect settings Click music and sound effects to turn on and off
Power saving mode Click to turn on and off the power saving mode
Current District Service Show the name and serial number of the player's current zone server
Language Click to switch the language version used
Switch account Click to log out to the account login interface


Baye system entrance

Select [More] on the main interface of the game, and then select [Baye]

  • 1.There are a total of 12 Baye, and Baye will be gradually opened according to the game progress of the players on this server.
  • 2.The unlocking of different tyrants will open different systems and card packs, and specific heroes can be recruited in the card packs.
Domination name Unlock condition New features
Shift of Power 30,000 tiles across the map are occupied *1) Experience can be gained by fighting between players
Clash of Gods There are more than 4 alliances with more than 50 players(0/4) *1) Devinties Available * 2) Open card pack:Clash of Gods.
The Advent of Oracles Destroy 3,000 caravans in full server *1) Merchant function is turned on * 2)The Quartermaster Store opens
Chariot of War 10000 lv.4 and above territories on the map have been Occupyd(0/10000) *1) Barbarians enabled * 2)Open the card package:Chariot of War
Scourge of Devinties The number of barbarians across the server is 3000(0/3000) *1) The card pack hero level is upgraded to level 5 * 2) Devinties level up
Rally of Heroes Any 1 level 3 or higher city is occupied *1) Barbarian level upgrade * 2)Open the card package: Rally of Heroes
Rule and Conquer Alliance occupied one Lv.5 city at the end(0/1) *1) The card pack hero level is upgraded to level 10 * 2) Improved Officer Hero EXP Increase * 3) Open the card package:Rule and Conquer
Crisis on All Fronts Alliance occupied 1 Province Capital at the end(0/1) *1) Barbarian level raised again * 2) Open the card pack: Crisis on All Fronts
The Target of All The capital of any state is occupied by the Alliance *1) The card pack hero level is increased to 20 * 2) The level of the apostle is raised again * 3) Open the card package:The Target of All
Uprising of war every Alliance occupied Lesbos or Poseida None
Ragnarok Poseidia is occupied by the Confederate None
Sound of Dawn 8 capitals and Pantheon captured by alliance(0/9) None
  • Domination progress is shared by all players in the server


Backpack system entrance

Select [More] on the main interface of the game, and then select [Baye]

  • Display all equipment, materials and props in the Backpack.
  • All equipment, materials and props in the Backpack can be sold.
  • Players can filter the items on the current tab by type and quality.
  • Each tab in the Backpack can hold a maximum of 300 items.

  • 4) Click the bulk sale button to quickly select and sell the items on the current tab

  • 1)Show all equipment in the Backpack

  • 1) Display all materials in the Backpack

  • 1) Display all props in the Backpack


On the main interface of the game, select your own city and click [Enter City]

Function name Screenshot Function Description
Urban Construction Click to open the city construction page
Search Click to open the search interface
Military training Click to open the training interface
Tame a horse Click to open the horse training interface
Appoint Click to open the appointment interface
Forging Click to open the forging interface
Soldier enlistment Click to open the soldier enlistment interface
City details Show detailed information about the city
Construction list Display information about the building currently under construction
List of troops Display the troops of the current city, click to open the troops marking interface

  • 1.Buildings can be built and upgraded during city construction. Construction and upgrades require resources and have construction time
  • 2.The construction time can consume 20 gold coins to make the building complete immediately
  • 3.The buildings are divided into main cities, economic buildings, military buildings, and urban defense buildings.
  • 4.Each building has its own level upper limit, and can’t continue to build and upgrade when the level is full
  • 5.The effect of the building will increase as the building level increases
  • 6.The construction of the building has the level requirements of the front building, and the building cannot be built if it is not met
  • 7.Players can build 2 buildings at the same time for free, and can consume copper coins to open additional building queues, up to 3 additional queues at the same time

  • 1) Players can obtain generals, equipment, materials and other items through searching
  • 2) Upgrade the tavern under construction in the city to level 1, unlock the search system.
  • 3) The number of visits per day is related to the level of the tavern. Each level of the tavern will increase the number of visits by 4 times, up to level 5.
  • 4)Each visit needs to consume 3000 gold coins, and a maximum of 20 visits per day.
  • 5) Players can appoint a visitor to increase the probability of visiting high-level rewards.
  • 6) Reward preview

①The generals tab: displays the list of all generals available for searching ②Equipment tab: display a list of all equipment available for searching ③Material tab: display all the material tabs available for searching

  • 1) Players can quickly upgrade low-level generals through the training system
  • 2) Upgrade the training ground under urban construction to level 1, unlock the training system
  • 3) Each training consumes 30,000 silver coins and 30 physical strength, and it takes 1 hour. Players can adjust the number of trainings by themselves.
  • 4) The experience gained in each training is related to the level of the training ground, and the experience gained for each upgrade increases by 40,000. The total experience gained will be equally distributed to all heroes in the training.
  • 5) Heroes who are already in battle cannot train
  • 6) Players can appoint troop training agents to increase the experience gained by troop training.

  • 1) Players can obtain mounts through the horse training system, which can be equipped on the generals to increase the attributes of the generals.
  • 2) Upgrade the horse training farm under urban construction to level 1, unlock the horse training system
  • 3) There are four types of horse training in the horse training system. Upgrade the horse training farm to 1-4 to unlock the horse training of the corresponding level.
  • 4) A certain amount of silver coins, wood, food and 24 hours of time are consumed for each training horse.
  • 5) There are 4 qualities of mounts, namely white, blue, purple and orange. Purple and orange quality mounts have a chance to have special effects.
  • 6) Click [More] in the horse preview to view all mounts of current quality
  • 7) Click [More] in the special effect preview to view the special effect attributes of the current quality mount.

  • 1) Players can appoint heroes to various official positions to increase the player’s resource output or attributes, etc.
  • 2) The appointment system requires the main city to be upgraded to level 3 before it can be unlocked.
  • 3)

^ Official position ^ effect ^ Unlock ^

Lord Increase Total resource production Main City Level 3
Wood Officer Increase Wood production and Wood farming production Lumberyard Level 20
Iron Officer Increase Iron production and Iron farming production Iron smelting plant level 20
Quarry Officer Increase Stone production and Stone farming production Quarry Level 20
Food Officer Increase Food production and Food farming production Farm Level 20
Trade Officer Increase trade ratio Trading Post Level 1
Tax Officer Increase Silver production Silver Alchemy Workshop Level 20
Search Increase Advanced reward prob Tavern Level 1
Forge Officer Increase Forge consumption and Advanced reward prob Forging plant level 1
Horse trainer Increase Advanced reward prob & reduce Training horse cost time and resources Horse Training Level 1
Hero trainer Increase Hero gains EXP Training ground level 1

*4)Click on the icon of each official position to pop up the appointment interface:

  • ① Display information such as appointed official positions, list of generals that can be appointed, attribute bonuses after appointment, etc.
  • ② Some of the generals are internal military generals, and only the internal military generals can gain experience upgrades during the appointment.
  • ③Each appointment will consume 60 points of stamina of the hero, if the hero's stamina is insufficient, the appointment cannot be made
  • ④Players can filter the list of selectable generals through the filter function

  • 1) Players can obtain weapons and armors through the forge
  • 2) Upgrade the forging plant under construction in the city to level 1, unlock the forging system
  • 3) The forging system has a total of four quality equipment. Upgrade the forging plant to 1-4 to unlock the corresponding level of quality.
  • 4) A certain amount of silver coins and materials are consumed for each forging, and different equipment and quality consume different materials.
  • 5) There are 4 qualities of equipment, namely white, blue, purple and orange. Purple and orange quality equipment has a chance to have special effects.
  • 6) Players can also create specific equipment through drawings
  • 7) Click [More] in the equipment preview to view all equipment of current quality
  • 8) Click [More] in the special effect preview to view the special effect attributes of the current quality equipment

  • 1.The time of the community and the recruitment building is affected by the recruitment camp
  • 2.Enlisting soldiers requires resources and time
  • 3.In the enlisted soldiers, the enlistment can be interrupted, but the resources of the soldiers not yet enlisted

  • 1).Troops can choose to switch the types of arms they use

  • 2).Each team can play up to 3 heroes, and the position of the third hero needs to be upgraded.
  • 3).Click on the hero blank slot, you can choose the hero

  • 4).The team has a dominance value limit. It is required that the sum of the dominance value of the heroes in the battle cannot exceed the upper limit of the team dominance value.
  • 5).You can assign troops to the heroes in battle. The upper limit of the hero's force is affected by the hero level and building.
  • 6).Click [Team Edit] to drag the hero to change the position of the team


The background of the main interface is the big world of sand table, you can drag and slide freely to move the position

Click on the plot grid to display the detailed information and operable instructions of the cell

Player's troops can be active in the sand table world

  • 1) The plots are divided into grain plots, iron ore plots, timber plots, stone plots, and open plots
  • 2) All plots except vacant land have different levels of distinction
  • 3) Occupying plots can get the corresponding resource output bonus, the higher the level, the higher the output bonus
  • 4) The occupation of the land requires a battle with the defenders of the land. After the battle is won, it needs to be occupied for a period of time, which is regarded as a successful occupation of the territory.
  • 5) Operate on unoccupied land [Occupation] [March]
  • 6) The occupied land can be operated [March] [Garment] [Tuntian] [Movement] [Fortification]

instruction Detailed introduction
March Move troops to designated locations
Occupied Occupy the designated place
Fortify Garrison at a designated place, when there are other own or friendly territories around the designated place, you can defend it
Farming After a period of time, obtain a large number of territorial resources
Raid Fight again with the defenders of the plot
Construction Build buildings on site

Neutral building

Building name Architectural screenshot Building description
City The city can be conquered by alliance members, and after being captured, it can be used as a node for mobilization by alliance members
tent It is built by the player after occupying the occupied land, and the player's troops can be transferred to the place
ferry The ferry connects the land at both ends of the river and connects them. After the ferry is captured, the other end can be reached through the ferry.
Player city The city that the player was born with

Building name Architectural screenshot Building description
Main city The player's own main city, the basic operation of the player is basically carried out around the main city.
Sub-city Some functions and main city
tent Can mobilize troops without consuming morale, and can also recruit troops
Roadblock Hinder the advance of enemy troops
Arrow Tower Enemy troops entering within 1 block of the arrow tower will be attacked by the arrow tower
  • 1) Players can build high-level buildings on high-level land by occupying high-level land.
  • 2) High-level lands are: silver refinery, workshop, battle song platform, warehouse, garrison, which can be built on the level respectively
  • 3)The upper limit for all high-level buildings is 10, and the upper limit for a single high-level building is 8.
  • 4)The upper limit of high-level buildings is limited by reputation, 6000 reputation unlocks high-level buildings, and the upper limit of high-level buildings increases by 1 for every additional 2,000 reputation.
  • 5)The highest level of advanced buildings is 5
Building name Architectural screenshot Building description
Silver refinery Increase the player's output of silver coins. As the building level increases, the output of silver coins will also increase.
Workshop Increase the output of all resources, the output of resources will increase with the improvement of the building.
War song It can reduce the physical recovery time of the heroes of the troops in the main city, and the reduced time is reduced with the increase of the building level.
Storehouse Increase the upper limit of the resource warehouse, the upper limit increases with the level of the building
Garrison Increase the upper limit of reserve troops in the main city. The upper limit of reserve troops increases as the level of the building increases

Mountains: Blocking the land, the land with mountains is impassable

River: The land occupied by the river cannot pass through

Monster type Refresh mechanism Reward content
Caravan When the reputation is greater than 4000, it will be refreshed around the main city at 8 o'clock, 14 o'clock, and 20 o'clock every day Reserves, resources
apostle [Clash of Gods] After the dominance is completed, refresh at 5 o'clock every day Materials for forging equipment
Southern Barbarian Invasion [Chariot of War] After the dominance is completed, it will be refreshed at 18:00 every Friday and Saturday silver

Troops between different players, if the players that the forces belong to are not friendly, they will fight when different forces enter the same plot


  • 1) Players can capture other players after joining the alliance.
  • 2) Attack the player's main city. When its main city has a durability of 0, the player's main city is captured.
  • 3) After the player’s main city is captured, the members of the Captive Alliance can directly connect to the captured land to capture it.
  • 4) After the player's main city is captured, the main city will enter a war-free state.
  • 5) The captured players can still play the game normally without any restrictions on functions
  • 1) After being captured, players can be rescued by alliance members or alliance members, or they can pay a ransom to escape from the prisoner.
  • 2) Click the captive ransom to enter the ransom payment interface

Game Features

The game has more than 120 heroes, and each hero has an exquisite drawing and a complete story background. With 9 continents, more than 200 cities, and a huge world map, you can't stop exploring. Conquering cities and lands, making contributions and making achievements, here you can find the blood and passion that you have never had before. The whole army is ready to go, the whole army assaults!

Various heroes can be recruited in the game, they have exquisite stickers and exclusive skills

The formation of an alliance invites players from all sides to gather together, like a big family, to conquer the city, donate resources, and jointly dedicate their strength to their alliance, so that the players can feel the atmosphere of communication and unity.

It’s strategy and team arrangement.

Reasonable heroes can combine the skills of different heroes to defeat powerful enemies

Capture land in the game, increase resource production output, and strengthen your own power

There are many types of buildings in the main city. Players can choose among the limited building queues according to their own development styles to gain greater development advantages.

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New player strategy

  • 1.After starting the game, enter the account password and log in to the game.

  • 2.Select the zone server and enter the game.

  • 3.Enter the game “select the continent of birth”, create a character name, and click to start the game.

  • 4.You can operate by yourself after entering the game

  • 5.On the upper left is the character avatar, which displays the character information, the current possession and the upper limit of the territory, reputation and other information.

  • 6.The middle shows the number of copper coins, the number of diamonds, and the number of purple diamonds of the player.

  • 7.The upper right shows the player’s resource output, current resources and upper limit of resources

  • 8.There is a recharge button in the upper right corner, click to go to the recharge page to recharge

  • 9.Click the chat box at the bottom of the center to open the chat interface and communicate with other players

  • 10.Click on your own city, and then click the [Enter city] button to build buildings, recruit soldiers, and deploy teams in the city

  • 11.Select plots on the sand table to perform reconnaissance, capture and other operations.

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